Wednesday, May 04, 2005

An enlighting weekend!

We've just had a great weekend with our friends Rob and Kez staying over. As usual Rob's taught me the meaning of some new 'computer speak' and introduced me to several new interests.
One of which is Geocaching!
No, I'd never heard of it before either!
It starts in front of your PC, but then you have to get up and move away from the keyboard......quite a way from it in fact, but it's OK once you get used to the idea.
Anyway, the basic idea of Geocaching could be explained as 'Treasure Hunting'. People take and hide small containers of 'goodies' at a location, generally places of interest, and then post the co-ordinates of the 'cache' on the Geocaching web site. They also offer other information about the area and coded hints for finding the 'treasure'.
You then take off, armed with printouts from the web site for directions to find the cache.
Some of the locations do require the use of a basic directional GPS scanner to help find them. Something we haven't yet tried, but will as we now have our own handheld GSP scanner! (What did we do before the Internet and Credit Cards?)
Watch this space for caching updates!

Our new eTrex GPS scanner! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Rob, Kez and us Posted by Hello
Our friends Rob and Kez are staying with us for the Bank Holiday Weekend. Rob has just explained the term Blogging to me, a word I've seen but had no idea what it was, and was to embarrassed to ask!
Now here I am with my first attempt at a post.

This is my first attempt at a post!

I'm just setting up my own Blog, and here is my first post!

How's it looking so far!